Diva Smooth Straighten System

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Diva Smooth is an alternative to chemically straightened hair, it gets your hair healthy and provides a smoother hair cuticle base by infusing your hair with all natural ingredients. These ingredients also provide a protective layer from heat and with the use of a flat iron, allows your hair to be styled straight and soft. All of this without the adverse effects of a chemical relaxer. Your hair is alive, healthy and full of bounce.

All of our Diva Smooth System kits consist of these 2 products

Organic Hair Oil

Restore and add glorious shine to your hair with hair penetrating virgin coconut and jojoba oil. Ideal for use as a pre-wash and post-wash grooming product. Now available in four great fragrances!!! 
  • Coconut Blast
  • Tropical Diva
  • Orange Velvet
  • Twisted Lemon
 Diva Smooth

Diva Smooth is a pure natural alternative to chemical based hair relaxers. Diva Smooth is based on a finely tuned mixture of all natural ingredients that deposit a high level of moisture and nutrients to your hair. When combined with heat, your hair becomes naturally smooth and healthy.