STEP 3: Herbal Blend Repairing Post Treatment

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Post Chemical and Post color normalizer- Infuses positively charged ions into the hair to fill in areas of the shaft that are negatively charged due to the chemical reaction on the hair. Helps to maintain the elasticity and keep the follicles natural integrity after chemical processing.

Blow Drying and Hold

Facilitates color absorption if mixed with color before application and eliminates post color dullness.

Post Repair is applied after hair is rinsed and prior to neutralizing – Do not leave on hair more than 5 minutes after a relaxer and 2 minutes after color treatment.

Detangling Treatment- towel dry hair cover with plastic cap-place under warm dryer for 15 minutes and rinse-style as normal.

This post treatment provides a radiant shine after use of all types relaxers lye and no lye

Wet Sets and Wraps

Adds Body and Bounce, shines, softens, and detangles


Available in 16 oz. or 32 oz. sizes.